05 Jul

Dedicated Hosting Service

With dedicated hosting service, it gives you whole control over an entire server not shared with anyone else. Many web-hosting companies offer dedicated hosting service. It provides the ultimate in flexibility, customization, power, alacrity, security, uptime, and control. By having a lease on their own dedicated server, users have their choice of hardware, operating system, applications, and configuration to best manage their business’s web hosting needs.

With dedicated hosting service, the customer leases the server and related equipment from the web hosting company as part of their monthly fee. Having your own server provides the power to optimally manage your company’s computing assets. A fully managed dedicated server is simple to use and navigate with a control panel. It provides support for patches, updates, the latest security fixes, and vulnerability resolutions.

Having a server can be a huge time saver and preserves tremendous assets in terms of what would be required to buy your own server and the tools needed to run and manage it effectively. Dedicated hosting provides voluminous bandwidth, allowing large amounts of data transfer at swift speeds. It allows the user to run multiple applications and operate multiple websites simultaneously and seamlessly. With a dedicated server, there are no restrictions on the available assets.

Web hosting companies offer a variety of plans with greater levels of computing company to meet a business’s needs. Most dedicated hosting service companies offer both Windows and Linux dedicated servers. Prices may be a bit higher on Windows servers due to licensing costs. For example, a basic dedicated Windows dedicated server with an Intel Xeon 3040 (Dual Core) Process, 1GB DDR Memory, 250GB Hard Drive, 1500GB Bandwidth, and 2 dedicated IPs recently had a price of $175 per month at web hosting company.

Dedicated hosting service companies typically deliver you provisioned server within 48 hours of buy. Windows servers can be set up with ASP and may include connections to different databases such as Access, MySQL, and MsSQL at no additional cost.

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